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Air Jordan 1

Jordan 1 er, som navnet antyder, den første sneaker i den legendariske Jordan-serie. Hvad der startede som en basketsko, er sidenhen blev den mest ikoniske enkeltstående sneaker nogensinde.

Michael Jordan bar den i hans gennembruds-sæson i NBA, hvor han i øvrigt fik en bøde hver gang han havde dem på, fordi de brød NBAs regler for påklædning. Den oprindelige colourway i sort, rød og blå levede på ingen måde op til den konservative dresscode, og derfor kostede det 5.000 dollars hver gang Michael Jordan bar sine Air Jordan 1.

En bøde som Nike dog glædeligt betalte, da omtalen Jordan fik på ‘stuntet’ var langt mere værd end de 5.000 dollars det kostede dem. Dengang sagde man, at skoene var så gode, at det nærmest var en unfair fordel at bruge dem.

Siden er de blevet helt ufatteligt populære, og der sælges stadig stakkevis af Jordan 1 i dag.

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Air Jordan 1 - The Beginning of a Fashion Phenomenon

The Air Jordan 1 has played a huge role in the fashion world historically. They have helped shift shoes that were previously only used on the basketball court onto the streets.

In this way, in the 1980s, they contributed to creating a trend around sneakers that many people were interested in and willing to pay a lot of money for.
Since then, Nike and Michael Jordan have made a fortune on the sneaker series, but have also been an inspiration for other major sneaker series with athletes and other celebrities.

In 2024, the Jordan 1 continues to be one of the most popular sneakers in the world. We see people of all ages buying Jordans. Some remember them from their youth and get a completely nostalgic feeling when they put on a pair. Others have discovered Air Jordans more recently and, like many others, are completely crazy about them. Which we can well understand as Jordans must undoubtedly be one of the coolest sneaker models ever.

Jordans can be styled with almost anything. Whether you prefer jeans, baggy pants, or shorts, it's entirely up to you how you want to style them. We believe that sneakers are one of the most important parts of an outfit. Jordans come in many different colors, models, and sizes, so there will always be something for every taste. A cool pair of sneakers from Air Jordan will undoubtedly add the finishing touch to your outfit.

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At UNMARKET, we naturally have a large selection of the iconic sneaker. Jordan 1 is special in that it comes in three different variants. There is both a Low, Mid, and High.

Air Jordan 1 comes in the following:
- Low-cut
- Mid-cut
- High-cut

Whether the shoe is Low, Mid, or High tells you whether the shoe goes to around the ankle, just above the ankle, or well above the ankle.

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You can find all the popular releases of Air Jordan 1 at Undefined Market. Whether you prefer Low, Mid, or High, we have all the models in countless different colors and materials.

How to Clean Your Jordans

It's always different how you clean and make your sneakers clean. Therefore, we have made a small guide on how to take good care of your Air Jordans:
- Start with a dry brush or cloth and remove the worst dirt.
- Take out the laces and wash them separately.
- Make a mixture of soap and water or use a Sneaker Cleaning Kit.
- Dip your brush into the mixture and clean in circular motions. Use a hard brush for the sole and a soft brush for the upper part of your Nike Air Jordans.
- Wipe them off with a towel and then let them air dry.

Our Favorites

We absolutely love Air Jordan 1. Both the Low, Mid, and High model, so we have gathered our top 3 of the different models.

Top 3 Air Jordan 1 Low

1. Jordan 1 Low Wolf Grey
2. Jordan 1 Low Green Toe
3. Jordan 1 Low University Blue

Top 3 Air Jordan 1 Mid

1. Jordan 1 Mid Light Smoke Grey Anthracite
2. Jordan 1 Mid Diamond Shorts
3. Jordan 1 Mid Gym Red Black White

Top 3 Air Jordan 1 High

1. Jordan 1 Retro High Mocha
2. Jordan 1 Retro High OG Patent Bred
3. Jordan 1 Retro High Atmosphere

If there was nothing for you in our Top 3, then see our entire selection of Jordan 1 models.

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In addition to our wide range of Jordan 1, we also have a wide range of other Jordan models. When you shop at UNMARKET, you can be sure of 100% authentic products, fast delivery, and secure payment.

If you have any questions about the selection or specific models, feel free to contact us here.