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Den ikoniske Air Jordan

Nike Air Jordan blev skabt tilbage i 1985, som et samarbejde mellem det store amerikanske sportsmærke Nike, og den, på det tidspunkt fremadstormende, amerikanske basketspiller Michael Jordan. 

De første Jordans gjorde lynhurtigt opmærksom på sig selv, da Michael Jordan fik en bøde på 5.000 dollars hver gang han brugte dem i NBA. En bøde som Nike dog gladeligt betalte for al den omtale det gav. Nike forventede til en start, at de ville omsætte for 3 millioner dollars i løbet af de første fire år. Efter bare ét år, havde den omsat for 126 millioner dollars. 

Resten er, som man siger, historie. Nike Air Jordans har siden dengang været den formentlig største sneaker-serie, som har været ufatteligt populær over hele kloden. 

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At UNMARKET, you'll find a wide selection of the legendary Air Jordan. Air Jordan is the essence of a timeless sneaker, and many believe they helped make sneakers a part of pop culture.

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Air Jordan - A story of why you should always listen to your mom

The story of Air Jordan is also the story of how a good piece of advice from Michael Jordan's mother helped create a global giant success. In the early 80s, Converse was the official shoe of the NBA, but they didn't want to make a deal with Michael Jordan because they didn't want to place him above other prominent athletes they sponsored, including basketball icons like Larry Bird and Magic Johnson.

Michael Jordan's first instinct was then to go to Adidas, which was his favorite brand. But the German mega-company was also not interested in entering into a shoe collaboration with the basketball wizard.

Therefore, Jordan's agent was very keen to get Jordan to talk to Nike, which at that time was mostly known for their athletic shoes. But at first, Jordan wasn't convinced about the idea.

So Jordan's agent tried to influence Jordan through his mother. And it worked. After receiving some well-meaning advice from his mother, Jordan signed a deal with the American sports brand. An agreement that was unheard of for a rookie, as Jordan was at the time.

In 2020, Forbes estimated that Jordan has earned over 1 billion dollars from the Air Jordan series. So I guess he's glad he listened to his mom.

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